Las Vegas B2B Franchise Opportunity

A Las Vegas B2B Franchise Opportunity in mobile document destruction may just be your chance to enjoy a profitable long-term B2B franchise dealing with corporate clients in a professional business environment. Enjoy the feel of a locally owned business backed by a large corporate brand with an experience support system and management team.

Many of our franchisees tell us that the reason they approach PROSHRED® is not only for the B2B hours, but the fact that it’s a mobile service business. For one thing, a franchise owner doesn’t have to be in the office all day – they can work on operations, approach business associations, expand their marketing efforts, or join the sales process to win small/medium clients as well as the large corporate contracts.

Las Vegas B2B Franchise Opportunity : Why Invest?

Las Vegas B2B Franchise OpportunityWhether you are coming out of a corporate environment or wish to add an additional business to your portfolio, buying a PROSHRED® Las Vegas B2B Franchise Opportunity would put you in one of the best B2B franchise environments in the country.Since PROSHRED® deals strictly in business-to-business clients, our franchise owners only work business hours Monday-Friday.

If you like being involved in your community, part PROSHRED® s efforts involve hosting community shredding events either with business associations, non-profit organizations or government entities. Shredding events are a vital part in pushing out the brand and attracting long-term clients within various communities in Sacramento. Whether for-profit or part of charity gatherings, our community shredding events revitalize your branding and sales efforts as an entrepreneur.

Since PROSHRED® deals strictly in business-to-business clients, our franchise owners only work business hours Monday-Friday. Bring in revenue from on-going scheduled clients, one-time large purge jobs, and sell the shredded paper to recycling centers every month, when we say multiple-revenue streams we mean it!

Las Vegas B2B Franchise Opportunity : About the market

Las Vegas, famous for its casinos and entertainment industry is the largest city in the state of Nevada, and the 31st largest in the country, with a population of around 585,000 according to most recent estimates. The city’s economy is one very much on the rise, with job growth and increases in GDP seeing the city rise to 46th strongest economy in the US in 2012, making Las Vegas the ideal location for a PROSHRED franchise.

“The Entertainment Capital of the World” is well known as one of the most visited cities in the USA (with 39 million tourists welcomed to the city every year!), but a PROSHRED franchise in the city would in no way be entirely reliant on the tourism industry.  Away the sector, Las Vegas is also the proud owner of many other booming industries from manufacturing to finance. Equally important to the city’s economy is education.


The city and its surrounding area contain many institutions including the College of Southern Nevada (home to no fewer than 44,000 students), the University of Nevada and Nevada State College. The presence of so many students and teachers is an opportunity in the making for any future Las Vegas PROSHRED franchisee, and promises to make a franchise in the city a potentially lucrative venture for those involved.

So complete the online application form to see why a Las Vegas PROSHRED franchise is the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for!