Client Testimonials

PROSHRED has a diverse client list across the United States including sectors like education, financial institutions, manufacturing, attorneys and law firms, non-profit organizations, defense contractors, medical facilities, local and state governments and more.

“Your company was the most responsive and professional of three other companies I contacted.  Your service was as stated; I expect as much from an ISO certified vendor.  I have recommended you to others.  I appreciated your patience and advice.”

John Cheffer Business professional

“Proshred provides excellent service!  We process a tremendous amount of sensitive paper and need a secure way to discard it.  Proshred’s staff are experts in regulatory compliance and best practices.  They designed a Document Security System to meet our needs and the latest privacy laws.  Best of all, their services are reasonably priced.”

Sheri Meyer Field, Eddy & Bulkley, Inc.

“We are in the business of risk management!  Therefore professional document destruction is a must.  Proshred’s onsite shredding takes away all of our risk and fully protects our customers.  In today’s regulatory environment and with the added problems of identity theft, it makes no sense to do anything else.”

Jules Gaudreau The Gaudreau Group

We are saving about $150 per week because of the labor savings and the mess, plus we’d have bags of shredded material everywhere.  They bring in locked bins, so it’s very secure and we see what happens to the documents.  We even get a certificate after it’s shredded.”

Susan Kazczmarek CNY Diagnostic Imaging

“Your techs took time to show me how everything worked. I was surprised it took such a short time to shred all the paper!”

Don Jacobs Buick-Subaru-Jeep

“There are many things I like about Proshred.  I like Dave, our friendly shredder guy that comes out each time – it’s nice to see the same face that knows where all of the bins are (we have approximately 9 bins throughout our company).  I like that you are very accommodating, and have worked with our business during its ebbs and flows, especially when we needed several large bins due to all the paperwork generated from the 4 hurricanes.  I like the secure and discreet bins – you would hardly know that they are used for recycling – they blend in with the office.  I would highly recommend Proshred and will continue to use them.  Thank you for your excellent customer service and business partnership!”

Beth Jung American Strategic Insurance

“The service that Proshred provides has saved me personally several hours per month.  When I look back at the way we did our shredding before, I just cringe.  It was a central point for failure.  If our one shredding machine was busy or not convenient, then documents got put in a stack somewhere or thrown out with the regular trash (even though that would be against policy).  Now, not only have we taken the menial task away, but we have taken the excuse away from them as to whether to shred per policy or not. “

Brett Wilson Custom Manufacturing & Engineering

“We are extremely satisfied with your service.  Your technician is always here on the appointed day and takes care of his responsibilities in a professional manner.  The ease of disposing of our confidential documents now compared to our prior procedures is unbelievable.  Keep up the good work.”

Rich Chartier The American Red Cross

“I am glad to say how satisfied we are with Proshred’s service.  Our first experience with you was when we had an entire storage unit of old medical files destroyed.  These needed to be disposed of properly and we had complete confidence when seeing how they were handled.  We are very pleased now to also use the onsite disposal of our daily confidential papers. It frees up our staff to be doing the more important tasks of servicing our patients.  Also knowing the materials are destroyed completely with certificates guaranteeing this fact gives us peace that we are doing all we can to comply with current laws.  Thanks for your help and courteous service!”

Donna Dennis, Administrator Coastal Jaw Surgery

“Proshred Security met our company security shredding requirements from the initial phone call to the last tip of the bin.  The people at Proshred were professional and courteous.  Thank you.”

Paul Nichting AAA Pioneer Valley

  “All aspects of quality and service were excellent.  We look forward to our future dealings with Proshred.”

Dennis Lopata Lachance Center